Are you ambitious?

Well, are you? Ambition is a good thing. I believe God breathed a spirit of ambition into us when He formed us. You may not think you’re ambitious…yet.  Your answer to this question may be something like…”I’m ambitious sometimes,” “Maybe a little bit,” “Not that often.” Think of three things that you’ve done that were ambitious. These should be times where you worked hard and accomplished your goal. Maybe you studied really hard and passed a test you never thought you’d pass. Maybe you’ve courageously spoken up about a matter and saw a positive outcome because of it. Maybe you stepped out of your comfort zone to do a task you never thought you could do, and it worked out. I encourage you to write down a few of these successes from your life and think on them daily. After a week or so of doing this, you will begin to realize that YOU ARE VERY AMBITIOUS! You’ll begin to believe that you really can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Sometimes we just need a little confidence boost.

“And God has given us his Spirit as proof that we live in Him AND HE IN US.” John 14:13

Whatever God has put in your heart for you to begin, He has given you the strength to get through whatever stands in your way and to finish. Do not give up on yourself!


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