Reach High(er)

Stop whatever you’re doing and reach as high as you can. Seriously, take your thumbs off the keyboard and reach. When you’re satisfied, scroll down with the other hand.






NOW REACH HIGHER! There’s always one more thing you can do to accomplish just a little bit more:

I still don’t get why I’m so good at having these ideas, writing them down, even making a plan to execute and then a week or two goes by before I actually do something about it. I’ve written the same things down so many times in my journal but still haven’t fully taken ownership of them and been responsible enough to follow through. I know this makes me appear a bit vulnerable as the writer of this blog but I’m asking for the ever mindful nation to comment about their experience with following through on their dreams. I know there are legitimate road blocks that I cannot get around but have I done everything I can possibly do right now? Probably not! It’s time to reach higher.


What's on your mind?

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