On September 19th, 2012 the final line that I wrote in my prayer journal was “expect something.” Expecting something is different than just simply hoping it will happen. Expect is a verb that requires you to regard something as very likely to actually happen. We can all hope and say “It sure would be nice to…” but expecting something takes a more vulnerable stance.

When I expect something to happen (say my daughter’s birthday party for example) I’m making plans for it, I’m calling people and telling them about it, I’m preparing for it. It hasn’t happened yet but, in my mind, it’s a done deal. Sometimes there’s no real proof that it will happen but your faith and belief in your plans are all the evidence you need.

The next entry in my journal was September 21st, 2012 where I wrote about an offer that I had just received for a life-changing opportunity in a new career. Now I know simply writing those two words “expect something” may not have made the differenece but I also know that God is moved by our complete dependence on Him. For the past two years my wife and I have been telling people that we knew God was up to something and we just had to stay the course. It was tough and we certainly have had down times but there was always an inner peace.


Galatians 3:9 puts it this way, “So those who RELY on faith are blessed along with Abraham, the man of faith.”


wow, sometimes things do just fall into place!

I can’t go into too much detail yet but we have been believing for something big to happen in our lives and something really BIG just happened. (a good thing) I don’t usually discuss personal matters in my blog but I will soon devulge some details. Thanks to all my faithful readers. I guess, just get excited about what God has in store because you truly do not know what may be waiting around the corner.

ooh, read that one again!

I really like my blog “don’t get ahead of your faith.” I feel like it has shed some light on something I’ve questioned for a long time. How many times do we make decisions because it “makes sense” or “seems like the right thing to do?” In the past, I know I’ve done that without even taking the time to ask God if that’s the direction He wants me to go.

When we become more mindful of what God wants for each of us individually, it will be easier to make decisions based only on our faith. Remember that faith stretches you. It is the bridge between you and God. Sometimes the very fact that we even possess the faith is all the evidence we need to continue believing.

This scripture keeps coming to mind. “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. (Philippians 1:6).” I hope this perks you up a bit!


So the whole WWJD thing has died down a bit but it’s still very relevant. I find it hard sometimes however to imagine what Jesus would do in a situation. For one, He is perfectly perfect and sets a very extreme stardard that is a bit difficult to live up to. (Matthew 5:48 “Be ye therefore perfect as your father in heaven is perfect.” yikes)

What if we make this a bit more personal? Throughout my life I’ve become friends with a few people that are very strong in areas I’m weak in. When I’m in some situations, I ask myself what THEY would do. I’m not equalling them to Jesus by any means nor am I saying they should take the place of the J in WWJD, but it does make it a bit easier to comprehend. Try it sometime.

God of the improbable…

It’s fun to quote scriptures like “Nothing shall be impossible with God. (Luke 1:37)” or “With man this is impossible, but all things are possible with God (Martk 10:27)”, etc. That sounds nice but can we really fathom that word “impossible? It’s easy to say but I think it’s a bigger stretch of faith when we replace that word with “improbable.” We all know anything is possible but that’s so distant, it’s a cliche’. It’s possible, but is it probable?

Challenge yourself by saying this: It is probable that my dream will come true because God says so!

don’t get ahead of your faith

We are good at talking ourselves into things. Sometimes we put ourselves in situations ONLY because we have heard other people say how God has brought them through. When this happens, you are simply throwing yourself into an idea and then asking God to get you out of it. That is not faith. If you personally do not possess the true faith in actually believing God has told YOU to do something, you are acting on SOMEONE ELSE’S FAITH.

Do not get this backwards, if He has not spoken to you personally then you should never jump into something and just hope He is there with you. Instead, ask God first. Then believe in what He told YOU. Now you’re ready to take the step of faith. Only in this order will God bless your actions.

behind the chains

In honor of the NFL starting last week I’ll use a football term. When a football team is “behind the chains” that means they have more than the expected 10 yards to go to keep the ball moving for a score. Usually it is because of a penalty or a quarterback sack. Even if a team is on their 3rd down and has 35 yards to go, they don’t just walk off the field; they try one more time! Sometimes unfortunate things happen to us that set us back. You cannot get upset at God for this but you must understand that His strength expands to fill our weakness in these times.

When you feel like your life is behind the chains and it seems you will never get where you want to go, remember Zechariah 4:10, “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin.”