it is time…

This is not a challenge but an invitation:


I have been around church all my life. I have heard and delivered enough sermons to know that faith is not faith until it is stretched. However, we cannot simply sit around and POSSESS our faith, we nee to step it up a notch and DIRECT our faith. I can say that I believe God will do something but until I’m willing to take a step and meet Him, it will never happen. You can pay for the best cable television and believe your TV works and even have it plugged in, but until you turn it on, nothing will happen. Stop sitting on the couch hoping it turns on by itself. Stop sitting on the couch hoping God comes through. You can go to church and read your Bible and pray but until you dig into your faith asking God what to believe for, until you step out and find scriptures to support it and call things that are not as though they are, nothing will happen.

I am committing to reading the Bible and other study materials for 30 minutes every day no matter what. I will accompany this with serious, out loud prayer confessing God’s promises over my situation and allign my actions with my faith. I will give up some things that may be holding me back. I invite you to watch my God work in my life. He is alive. He does care about us. He does see us. He will change us or change our situation.

It is time to activate our faith by doing more than just sitting back and believing. ARE YOU WITH ME?


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