more mindful?

So I was on the bus minding my own business with my eyes focused on my PSVita video game. There seems to be an unwritten rule that states you cannot talk on the bus because it is very awkward. Anyway, the guy next to me got up suddenly and let someone have his seat. I immediately thought that it should have been me. I know it is not a competition but as Christians we should RACE TO HELP OTHERS!


It’s ok to rest.

My soul finds rest in God alone, my salvation comes from Him. He alone is my rock and my salvation. Psalm 62:1+2 IT’S OK TO REST! It’s tough in this busy world to give ourselves a chance to rest. Work is crazy, the house is always a mess, and there always seems to be one more errand to run. If you stop and sit for very long you generally feel guilty about it. God wants you to rest in Him. That’s how you get your mind back onto your goals and what matters most in your life. Your challenge this week is simple: sit in your favorite chair and rest in Him confessing His promises over your life. (It’s ok if you fall asleep.)

Matthew 24:13 “He who endures to the end shall be saved.” I know sometimes we feel stressed, frustrated, angry, or even guilty and the first thing to go is our devotion time. No matter how you feel, YOU MUST BE FAITHFUL to the one thing that will help you realign yourself. Endure to the end even when you dont feel like it.

inside out

I’ve been reading through Matthew again and in chapter 23 Jesus keeps telling the Pharisees that they have it all backwards. They were concerned about cleaning the outside appearance but not the junk on the inside. We are very good at looking good but the ever mindful person is more concerned with being right with God. Have you cleaned your inside lately? Take a moment today to ask God to help you keep your priorities straight.

shekinah glory

Shekinah glory…the divine presense of God. God has really been blessing us lately and in ways which it is very difficult to say that it is anything but Him. I was challenged this morning in my prayer time however. Even when God is blessing you and you feel that you are in the center of His perfect will, YOU CANNOT BECOME COMPLACENT! He always expects more from you and wants to bless you with more.

Remain in His divine, Shekinah glory and allow Him to continually conform you to His beauty. It’s our job to keep up!

So it’s set…

Tomorrow I begin the first step of the next chapter of our lives. I will fly to Calgary, Alberta, Canada to begin a new job with great opportunites. I go with a heart full of peace and great joy because it is a very good opportunity. I will have to go by myself at first because it is so far away and try to get settled and bring my family and belongings later. I know I am on the cusp of something great and I thank you, my readers, for your prayers. My blogs will slow for a while until I get settled. Please stay tuned as I will update at least once a week if at all possible.