why does God disappoint?

Empty promises…unanswered prayers…doubts realized…fears not calmed. All these things add up after a while and seem to void our faith. I don’t understand why things are so tough sometimes but disappointment comes only when things do not go according to plan. I believe that God’s plan for us is much bigger than our own. If you allign yourself with His plan instead of your own, then you will never be disappointed. For when things do not go your way, it doesn’t really matter because He has the master plan. Instead of trying to make God fit into your plan, find a way to fit into His and He will never disappoint!


don’t back down

A challenge to you, my friends: It’s obvious that Christmas is barely hanging on to its Christian intent. I know we shouldn’t get too worked up over it because it’s really up to us to make it what we want it to be for our own family. I was thinking of what I can do to use this as an opportunity to share my faith in this festive season without being too annoying. I’m going to start with this: by Christmas day, I will share with someone what Jesus Christ being born means to me. Maybe the next person who says Merry Christmas to me will regret saying it but this is something small I can do to honor Him. Will you do this with me? We can share stories on the ever mindful facebook page. If it’s too uncomfortable to tell a stranger, practice on a family member. You never know what may happen.The main thing I want you to get is that we as Christians cannot back down from at least making the attempt to share our faith.

the story of Allan

There was a wealthy man named Allan who seemed to have everything he needed. He had a very promising career which afforded him luxuries he had previously only dreamed. He had a lovely family which included a nourishing relationship with his wife. They had many friends and were very active in their community. They hosted the neighborhood cookouts during summers, had a nice vacation property, and even kept in touch with his parents and extended family. However, he was still a bit unhappy. There was something missing.

So Allan decided to seek out what he was missing. He started to think of happier people in his life…

He rememberd that the clerk at his favorite  grocery store was always smiling even though she certainly couldn’t be happy working there. So he stopped in and asked why she was always upbeat. She said, “I’ve been working here to pay for my schooling. This year I graduate! Soon I’ll be able to move into the career I’ve been working towards.”

That afternoon, he saw his neighbor fiddling with an old junk car and whistling happy tunes the whole time. Allan curiously questioned his neighbor as to what made him feel like whistling. The neighbor replied, “we’re getting a new car today. I’m just fixing this up a bit so we can trade it in.”

He walked in his house and saw his young daughter jumping up and down with excitement. “What’s going on?” he asked. “Mommy and I are going out for ice cream!” she cheered.

Finally, on his way home from work the next day, he saw a homeless man begging and stopped to give him $20. “Maybe that’ll cheer me up,” he pondered. Allan couldn’t help but notice the huge grin on the man’s face before he even rolled down his window. “Why are you smiling?” Allan asked. The homeless man’s reply surprised Allan. “I know that this world is not my home. Some day soon I’ll be in a mansion in heaven with Jesus and I won’t care about any of this heartache ever again!”

Instantly, Allan felt a tug at his throat as he tried to hold back a tear. All these people he had met were excited about something better that was certainly soon to come. They were optimistic and that optimism showed on their faces. He found himself wondering what he had to “look forward to” and decided to make a list.

This story is make believe and I’ll let you make up your own ending. Today, think of a few things you have to look forward to and write them down for review when you’re feeling down.