Maybe God is answering someone else’s prayer right now…

Please don’t take this title to mean that God is too busy to answer your prayer. That’s not the intention at all. Maybe you are in a “less-than-favorable” situation because God is using your faithfulness to answer someone else’s prayer. Could it be possible that you are working a job you don’t like because your boss has been praying for good workers that will do the job honestly? Another example could be that you’re having a hard time finding a new house because the family that is residing there currently is praying for God’s direction on where they should move. Maybe you had to make one more trip to the grocery store so God could have you cross paths with someone that needs to hear a word of encouragement! Although I don’t necessarily believe every coincidence is a “God-incident,” I do believe it can be…if you are ever mindful!

P.S. The kickstarter has been delayed because I had to wait for permanent residence AND a social insurance number to be issued. I received my soc ins # this past week and will soon be able to move forward with it!!


Don’t look back!

If there was a decision you made in the past that you were certain was of God, and now you find yourself frustrated because of it, you cannot allow that feeling to convince you that you were wrong. Remember that you are still on the journey and current circumstances do not necessarily mean you’ve “missed something.” Don’t look back! Keep moving forward and trust that God is guiding you! (P.S. I’m still working on the Kickstarter thing)