New Year, New YOU?

This time of year we all get over-zealous and plan to conquer the world with our new year’s resolution. Remember that a goal is not realistic if it is not definite and attainable. Just like becoming ever mindful, be sure to take baby steps. What is something you can improve on a daily or weekly scale? Should a goal be, “I want to lose weight in 2014?” No, that is too ambiguous. A better option could be, “I want to lose 30 pounds by the end of 2014 which I will monitor monthly.” Of course it won’t happen without discipline and accountability. Just a thought.


the Son

In my recent preparations for our 4th Advent message, I have come to view Jesus in a different light… Jesus came to us in human form so that we would be able to relate to God. If a holy being majestically appeared in human form to die for our sins, we would not be able to comprehend it. We would still only see Him as a spiritual being. Since we have historical record of Him as a child, being obedient to earthly parents, following the Jewish customs, and praying to God, we can understand Him. This Christmas I celebrate Jesus as a Son in recognition of an omnipresent God that is not bound by time or space, willingly binding Himself ONLY to have a fathomable relationship with me!

Kickstarter coming soon…

Ok, I jumped the gun a bit when I told you I would be doing kickstarter. I recently found out I had to wait for my permanent resident status to become official. I now have that and will roll out Kickstarter to raise funds to have this book published STARTING THIS JANUARY! Please stay tuned as I believe this will help many people understand what it is to have a deep, meaningful, fruitful relationship with God! (I also updated my “about” page if you need to catch up.)