His power and glory!

This past Sunday I spoke a message about God’s power and glory. I realized as I was speaking that when you admit your weakness and yield to God’s power, you get to partake in His glory. When you get in the way of this flow, His glory has no choice but to stop moving in your life. However, when you are actively mindful of God trying to work through and around you, His power and glory will continually embrace you. What a beautiful place in which to be! 


Praise you in this storm?

One of my favorite songs by Casting Crowns is “Praise You in this Storm.” I don’t think it necessarily implies pretending the storm does not exist. That would be dishonest. I think it emphasizes the fact that we know God is keeping watch over us at all times. What a beautiful thought…whether you’re going through the storm, or you’re stuck in the storm, or you’re on the other side, God is watching and will not let things go beyond His control.

Just a little pick-me-up for ya today!