Still celebrating Easter?

Happy belated Easter!! I hope it was a great time for all of you. I watched the Passion of the Christ again and kept thinking, “If I was really there, what side of the crowd would I have been on?” I hope I would have believed throughout the whole story, but there’s no way to know. One thing I do know is that I can definitely relate to Peter. He believed, he doubted, he repented, he believed again. Celebrating Easter is fun, but let’s remember that the reason for Christ’s resurrection is that we would all see God’s relentless love for us. It is that love that makes it possible that when we fail he will always call us back…time after time. (And we can celebrate that love everyday by simply activating our faith and believing His grace abounds!) 


One response to “Still celebrating Easter?

  1. Hi! This is an awesome message that I am afraid too many forget. It is ok to doubt from time to time because he will always accept us back time after time. He knows our true heart!

    Hey, would you call Dad and say a prayer of hope with him? He is really down and I am worried about him. He has just given up on everything! I think that will go far for him!

    I love you!



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