Have you heard God lately?

There are three possible responses when God speaks:

1) We do not hear Him at all (or do not recognize that it’s Him)
-We must position ourselves to hear Him (see 1 Samuel 3:8-11)
2) We hear Him but have questions or need confirmation (1 John 4:2+3 tells us to do it)
-We can ask for clarification as many times as it takes see Judges 6)
3) We ignore Him and do our own thing (See Abram and Sarai in Genesis 15-17)
-It is disobedience when we take matters into our own hands.
It’s important to know the following: If God has already given you instruction, He will not say more until it is acknowledged. If you aren’t at peace with a decision, ask for God’s clarification. Things happen in God’s timing so don’t think He forgot about you. Disobedience does not necessarily cancel God’s promise.

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