Time to move forward

Many of you already know this, but I have decided to resign from my duties as youth pastor at New Life Community here in Calgary. This decision came after much prayer, consideration, and strong counsel from trusted friends and mentors. This was a tough decision that is still a bit shocking even to me. I am enjoying a very fruitful career working at the Mustard Seed ministry to those experiencing homelessness and feel that is where God wants me at this time.

The reason I’m blogging about this is to remind anyone out there that just because God called you to something in the past does not mean that it is the only thing you will ever do. My recent blogs have been about God working in different ways. My recent sermon which you can listen to here: http://newlifecalgary.celect.org/site/folders/41063/assets/374040 is all about this truth.

Please take this as encouragement to take the next step that you feel God is calling you to, even though it may not make sense.