More from Chapter 9 “Knowing When It’s God”

It’s interesting what we learn from movies and music and society. We’re taught to be sad when someone dies, we’re taught to be angry and vengeful when offended. We’re taught that beauty only really matters when it’s on the outside. If we don’t completely understand something, we should be afraid of it because it may hurt us. Emotions are not necessarily the best guides. They’re a bit like dating someone who is not good for you. Sometimes they lead you down the wrong path because it’s easier to just ride the emotion roller coaster. I believe emotions are from God and we certainly should be respectful of our feelings, but we should never let them lead us away from God’s course.

There is a lot of pressure these days to be “normal.” People may make comments about Christians being strange because we try so hard to be “perfect.” The most beautiful thing about living an ever mindful life, however, is that you don’t have to live in disappointment. When you can honestly look around and say you know that you’re doing what God wants you to do and you’re avoiding what He doesn’t want, you have a certain kind of peace. It doesn’t matter what my situation or my surroundings are because I’m happy with who I am and where God is leading me.”


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