Advent week 2: Peace

It is true that there are many variations of the advent messages, specifically regarding the order in which they are discussed. This is a  brief overview of my past Sunday message:

In my study of Christ’s lineage, last week we discussed His forefather Abraham. This week we will discuss David. I apologize for the long read but trust me that it is worth it!!

Jesus is widely know as the “Son of David” as well as the “Lion from the Tribe of Judah” (which is the tribe that David is from). Both of these are used only as identifiers of His paternal lineage as they didn’t have last names. Obviously He is wholly the Son of God.

If you’re not familiar with David’s biography, it is a very interesting read. The following is a very shortened version:

In 1 Samuel 16, we read that Samuel went to Jesse to bless one of his eight sons as the next chosen king. However, Jesse only brought out seven. This is likely because David would have been a pre-teen at the time and somebody did have to tend to the sheep. Samuel realized someone was left out and ordered Jesse to bring David to him. So, we see here that DAVID WAS LEFT ASIDE! (He was then anointed to be the next king.)

In chapter 17, DAVID WAS TOO WEAK to wear the king’s armor to battle Goliath (not that he needed it).

In chapter 19, DAVID HAD TO FLEE FOR HIS LIFE as Saul was quite upset that David would eventually take his kingdom.

Second Samuel chapters 2-5 are where we see that David is finally anointed as the king at the age of 30. Here, we find that DAVID WAITED AT LEAST 15 YEARS FOR HIS PROMISE.

Do you think everything was peachy from there? (A resounding NO!)

Around the age of 50 is where David decides to commit adultery with Bathsheba and have her husband Uriah killed. The king, chosen and anointed by God Himself, DAVID COMMITTED ADULTERY AND MURDER!

Fortunately, that’s not the end of the story, David had a good friend (named Nathan) that helped steer him back onto the course and DAVID REPENTED AND THE PROMISE WAS RE-INSTATED. God still used this man’s lineage to bring forth His only begotten Son! There are many prophecies specifically foretelling Christ’s birth through the lineage of David.

In their book “Science Speaks,” Peter Stoner and Robert Newman spelled out that the odds of one person fulfilling even eight Biblical prophecies in one lifetime are one in 10 to the 17th power. They say that’s like filling the state of Texas two feet deep with silver dollars, marking one, stirring it all up, and randomly picking that one coin! (There are many more than eight prophecies fulfilled in Christ’s birth alone and at least 360 in His life.)

If God can do all that, then I have peace that the rest of His word is true and my sins are forgiven because of Christ’s birth, death, and resurrection. THAT’S WHAT I’M CELEBRATING THIS CHRISTMAS!



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