Gettin’ there…

Please don’t give up on me, friends. I have just signed the official contract with WestBow Publishing and THIS BOOK WILL BE AVAILABLE VERY SOON!!!

Thank you all for your support and feedback. I will keep everyone posted as to when and where you can purchase the book.

I’ll take this time to encourage all of you to keep following your dream all the way through to reality. I know it’s difficult to continue battling and believing in yourself and staying disciplined (or MINDFUL), but, if God put the word in your heart, it’s worth fighting for!

Genesis 28:15 (NIV) “…I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised.”


From the grave to the dinner table

Many of us are familiar with Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. There is a bit more to this story though. The next time we here about Lazarus, after he is raised, is when he is literally reclining at the dinner table (John 12). Shortly after this, he was running for his life!

I think it’s interesting that Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead but DID NOT REMOVE HIS GRAVE CLOTHES. Jesus’ first order after this resurrection is in John 11:44 where Jesus tells “them” to take off the grave clothes and let him go (NIV).

This implies that, when someone is coming out of a tough situation or receiving salvation for the first time, WE need to be there to help them get to the dinner table!

The most important moments in anyone’s life are those that shortly follow a dramatic change. This is where the decision is made to continue in this new life or go back to the old ways.

I believe Lazarus could not have been fully delivered without the people around him taking off those grave clothes. (Can you imagine a resurrected man walking around fully wrapped like a mummy?)

So, this month’s challenge is for all of us to find someone who we can help move forward in their life!