That rascally devil:

The devil has no power unless we give it to him.

There is no reason to fear him. He is a small, measly, powerless creature that is casting a large shadow against the wall. He does not rule hell. Hell is a judgment place set aside for him and those he deceives. He doesn’t rule anything. When we learn to see him for who he is and see ourselves for who God empowered us to be, we win. I often read back through the stories of Peter and Judas Iscariot. They were both strong men of God (at least at some points in their lives) who walked with Jesus but their closely paralleled stories have dramatically different endings. I’m sure most of us know the story of how Judas sold the secret of where Jesus was for a little bit of money and then hanged himself afterwards. The truth is Jesus was not hiding and would have made his location known all by Himself if need be. Unfortunately Judas forgot that no sin is too big for God to forgive and remove. He went back to the chief priests and gave the money back and confessed to them. “What is that to us?” the Bible records them asking in Matthew 27:4. They did not care. He should have run to Jesus. Yes, Judas betrayed Him but I bet our Savior would have embraced Judas with a big hug and simply told him to go and sin no more (as He had said before). How sad it is that Judas, who spent so much time physically next to our Christ, so quickly forgot all the teachings of forgiveness. He did what we often do: he pronounced his own judgment upon himself. Judas was probably sitting in the crowd when Jesus said “Do not judge or you too will be judged” (Matthew 7:1) yet he made the decision to be his own final judge.

We cannot condemn ourselves! That‘s how Satan wins!


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