A monument to ourselves?

Generally, it is good to be ambitious. We should be ambitious with our dreams and our imagination and our dedication. But what happens when that ambition is self-serving rather than God-serving?

In reading the story about the Tower of Babel (in Genesis 11:1-8), I have often wondered at what point we, as God’s people, are simply following our own plans. It has been suggested that the people in this story were actually building a ziggurat (like a pyramid) as there were no mountains high enough to reach the heavens in that area of Mesopotamia. They would have likely believed they could create a meeting place for gods and humans. If that’s true, the message I’m getting is that we cannot ever presume to be good enough to reach God. Instead, we should focus on inviting Him to come down and be among us (in turn, He would be the motivation for our ambitious ideas).

The book for which this blog was originally created has just passed the second “content review” and is now in the final stage of “editorial review” which means that it will be available very soon. This is obviously very exciting to me as this goal has been more than five years in the making. In this regard, I ask myself if publishing this book is more about myself proving something or if it is really a God thing. However, I am certain that it is something God wants me to do as I’ve taken it to God regularly in prayer to ask for His direction.

My point for all of you who are reading this is that we must be careful that our ambitious plans include God’s best for us and our situation. Otherwise, we are simply building a monument to ourselves.

Are there any monuments that you’ve built which did not include God? I challenge you to re-examine your goals and be certain that God is leading you instead of you leading yourself.


In, Through, Around:

If we want to see God working AROUND us, we must first allow Him to work THROUGH us. For Him to work THROUGH us, He will ask to work IN us.

Are you giving God permission to work inside of your mind, will, and emotions? If not, I dare to say that He will never be able to work through you.

Are you a follower?

Mark Batterson suggests that many of us today are no longer following Jesus but have instead invited Jesus to follow us (in his book Going All In).

How do you know the difference? I believe you will know by your response to this:

Do you act then pray or pray then act?

We cannot just do whatever we want then ask God to bless it. Ask God for wisdom BEFORE you act. We should really pray, wait, act. That is what Becoming Ever Mindful is all about.

Matthew 16:24-Then Jesus said to His disciples, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me (NKJV).