Thank you all!!

The support for this has been overwhelming. Thank you to all my friends and family who have bought the book. (I’m still waiting for my copy but others already have theirs!) If you’re still looking, it’s available in many places including (where I get the most commission),,, and (can’t leave out my Canadian friends!). It is also available in ebook through, Amazon Kindle, Google Play, nook, and iBooks Store.

Please remember that I try to write a new blog weekly here at and there is a separate weekly pick me up on Instagram and Facebook under becomingevermindful.

This book is set up to easily be converted into a small group teaching or a speaking engagement series and I am already doing some of that! Feel free to contact me through any above format if your church is interested. My marketing consultant will have many more avenues for me soon including a new website and email address (just use for now).

Again, thank you all for your support as many have already bought the book and have given great feedback. I will resume regular blogging this Friday!


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