Trials and tribulation

When I read Paul’s epistles and his warnings for the readers to embrace trials, I almost just pass it over. After all, what trials am I facing? What tribulations do I go through that prevent me from following God’s commands?

I was praying about that this morning and something struck me that may help my readers as well. Time is my trial. Pride is my tribulation. A bad attitude and a desire to be selfish with my time and finances can be just as detrimental to my faith as the soldiers who threatened the early believers with stones and swords.

My trial is in making time to pray and read everyday and intentionally invite God’s presence into my day. My tribulation is spending countless hours watching movies and TV shows instead of spending time reading books that enrich my faith.

I know I’m not speaking for everyone here, but these things seem to avert my growth as a Christian just as much as any other trial I can imagine.

I suppose it comes down to being faithful with our time and making a place for God to speak to us. That’s what becoming ever mindful is really all about! 


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