A different kind of blog:

Have you ever bought a book online because it looked really good in the advertisement (or a friend recommended it) only to find that you were immensely disappointed? Long past are the days when we physically walk into a bookstore and look at all they have to offer. It is only in doing this that we can pick up the book and flip through it. We can look at other books that are beside it and be reminded of other options that we would not have typed into our internet browser. Going to a physical store allows us to get advice from sales people; people that have read the books and know authors similar to the ones we like.  I am writing today to tell you all that the times where we could smell the new book scent and hear the crinkling of pages as they are turned are not gone! 

Anyone in the Calgary area should never again make a misinformed purchase of a Christian resource. I want you all to check out Better Books and Bibles on 636 16th Ave NW. It is a new and used Christian bookstore which proudly states they are “for the growing Christian.” They have been in business since February 2012 (they bought all of the used books from Pilgrim Books, if you remember that store). Dawn is the manager and she and I have started a great working relationship. She is always very quick to help me when I need any purchase to bless the volunteers or clients whom I serve with at The Mustard Seed. Whenever I do a special event for our residents, she has helped with everything from special orders (both large and small) to gift cards to those new and used, hard-to-find books, as well as DVDs and books on CD. They proudly specialize in servicing every age group from kids to teens to students and seniors, as well as everyone in between. They even have Bible studies there!

However, my favorite reason for giving them my business is that they are committed to promoting local authors! As such, I will be doing my first, official book signing and information session at their store on October 14th from noon to 3pm. Please check it out if at all possible BUT DON’T DO IT JUST FOR ME. Please check out their website: https://www.betterbooksandbibles.com but, most importantly, WALK INTO the store some time. If you are not in this area, please support your local Christian bookstore. We need these businesses to keep our local communities thriving for Jesus!



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