God, wake us up!

I have to tell you a story about a girl whom I have the pleasure of helping at work. She is regularly struggling with her health and is often in and out of the hospital. However, her faith always remains firm and she is very faithful to the Sunday services…until recently. I had not seen her in a few weeks (which is very rare). I had tried to get a hold of her and had even knocked on her door to no avail.

This past Sunday I encouraged the volunteers to pray with me and simply ask God to work on the hearts of our residents. The service starts at 2 pm, and we began praying at 1:45 (you will see the relevance if you keep reading). We literally asked God to “wake up any residents who are sleeping and call them in.”

Towards the end of our prayer time, the girl rolled up in her wheel chair to pray with us. She then said this: “It was the weirdest thing, I was asleep and woke up suddenly at 1:45! I started to think about how much church I have been missing and realized that I haven’t even read my Bible or prayed lately. I realized that I had to come to church.”

Friends, James 5 tells us that “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” Ask God to wake you up today and recognize what He is calling you to do, for whom He is calling you to intercede, and where He wants you to go!


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