The Tortoise and the Hare

This past Sunday I started a new series called “From Fables to Faith.” I used the story of the Tortoise and the Hare (one of Aesop’s fables). In this case, I used the hare to represent those who try to shortcut the process and live life on their own terms.
If we think of the life of Abraham and Sarah as a stand-in for the hare, we see how they tried to shortcut the process and ended up missing out. They had a promise from God to have a child and begin a new generation. Genesis 12-17 records the story and we see that they became impatient in waiting for God’s promise (which is understandable as ten years went by with nothing happening). They took matters into their own hands by having a baby with Sarah’s slave and that did not end very well. It is interesting that Abraham actually asked God to just fulfill his promise through their son Ishmael (instead of waiting for the promised child). God would not do that. Instead, He reinstated the promise and they waited another 15 years for the birth of Isaac.
Adversely, I encouraged everyone to think of the tortoise as a believer who is following God’s plan and trusting the process. Job is the proverbial tortoise. I love Job 23 where he seems to be complaining about how God is not present but closes with verse 17 where he says, “Yet, I am not silenced by this darkness.” It is a powerful statement as he is saying that he will trust in God to the end.
Next week, we will discuss the Three Little Pigs!


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