The Revelation

We don’t talk about Revelation much but I’ve been studying some of it recently. Revelation chapters two and three are where Jesus gave a final message to seven churches. I find it very interesting that He says to them that He sees them and knows them. Jesus knows what you’re going through and is there to guide you.

In Revelation 2,  Jesus talks about providing manna and a white stone to whomever listens to His word. We see manna all throughout the Bible used as miraculous provision for God’s people. It is what rained down from heaven when the Israelites were on their journey in the wilderness (see Exodus 16). The white stone is even more interesting. In the Hebrew culture, a white stone was used as a ticket to a banquet, a sign of friendship, evidence of having been counted (for citizenship/census), or as a sign of acquittal in a court of law. When someone gave a white stone with your name on it, it was a sign of acceptance. Jesus extends a personalized invitation to His people who persevere through the trials!