Witnessing should be easy!

via Witnessing should be easy!


Witnessing should be easy!

In Matthew 13, Jesus tells His disciples the parable of the sower. In this story, He talks largely about making sure that the soil is prepared to receive the seed. If we are going to reach our friends and family for Jesus, we must pray beforehand that God prepares their heart. There are many simple ways to start a spiritual discussion without being pushy or offensive. Here are some things to remember:



  • It starts with awareness (is not simply incidental)
  • Good conversation starts with good questions (and good listening). (Remember what they say and bring that up in the next conversation to show you’re listening.)
  • Do not lecture, label, or manipulate
  • ANY positive conversation is a “link in the chain” (Witnessing does not have to always be a conversation about Jesus.)
  • Be cautious of “silence or violence” (This means that they are shutting us out or getting overly upset.)
  • Sometimes we have to agree to disagree
  • Ask “Can I pray with you?” (You can always ask this question as it’s not offensive but we have to be ok with them saying no.)
  • The Bible is your source book! SOAK IT UP




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