Trials and tribulation

When I read Paul’s epistles and his warnings for the readers to embrace trials, I almost just pass it over. After all, what trials am I facing? What tribulations do I go through that prevent me from following God’s commands?

I was praying about that this morning and something struck me that may help my readers as well. Time is my trial. Pride is my tribulation. A bad attitude and a desire to be selfish with my time and finances can be just as detrimental to my faith as the soldiers who threatened the early believers with stones and swords.

My trial is in making time to pray and read everyday and intentionally invite God’s presence into my day. My tribulation is spending countless hours watching movies and TV shows instead of spending time reading books that enrich my faith.

I know I’m not speaking for everyone here, but these things seem to avert my growth as a Christian just as much as any other trial I can imagine.

I suppose it comes down to being faithful with our time and making a place for God to speak to us. That’s what becoming ever mindful is really all about! 


the simple things

I was in charge of four guys who were helping us with a barbecue at work recently. They each stood at a certain location to guide people where to line up for the food. One location had more foot traffic and one was directly in the sun so I thought it would be smart to rotate the guys every hour or so. Just a few minutes after the first rotation, one of the guys had a seizure. Fortunately he had just been moved from the furthest location (where it might not have been noticed for a while) to the closest location where most of the staff were standing! Because of this, we were able to attend to him immediately. I’m not saying that I was necessarily being ever mindful, but it is interesting (and coincidental) that the idea came to my mind at that time. I do believe God cares about the smaller things and can work in very simple ways!

good news everybody!

In an effort to make this blog easier to follow, I’ve decided to include it as a facebook page. This won’t change anything as far as the wordpress blog but you can now look up becomingevermindful on facebook, click like, then be updated anytime I post a new blog. It will also be very easy for people to make comments and even have side conversations (as this was my original intent for the blog anyway). I don’t want to just sit here telling cute stories or going on and on about my ideas, my main goal is for this to be more of a ministry network. Everyone helping everyone. Please feel free to offer advice, share stories, and even pass along some of your own ideas!

Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

The Beginning

So what’s on your mind? That’s a very simple question but not always easy to answer. Do you have something in the oven you need to check? Do you need to get the kids dressed? Did you forget to take your medicine. Thousands of thoughts race through our minds every minute. But here’s a question: What kind of person are you? What kind of person do you want to be? Where do you want your life to go? Are you generally on the course you want to follow or do you find your plans, hopes, and dreams just slipping away? I started writing my book “Becoming Ever Mindful” because I knew I was not always acting in a way that would lead my life where I want it to go. Why is it that we seem to do the same thing over and over and expect different results? Isn’t that the definition of insanity? I say I want to be kinder and less selfish and more helpful but still find myself whining and complaining over the same old things (see Philippians 2:14). Instead of rising above and changing my behavior, I let the excuses push me around and hold me back. WELL NOT ANYMORE!!

What is becoming ever mindful really all about? It simply means focusing your mind and actions towards your number one goal at all times and not allowing any distractions to deter your course. Do you want to be a more responsible person, a better worker, a more supportive spouse? Begin to recognize your actions ALL THE TIME! For this blog, we will focus on becoming better people in general with a lot of emphasis on our beliefs about Christianity. I want to be a better Christian but what does that actually mean? It very likely means something different to all of us. I will not force my opinions on anyone but I will ask very provocative questions that help you know what you believe and why. Are you ready to stop making the same excuses again and again? Are you ready to set a plan in place and actually follow it this time? Are you ready to become ever mindful?

Over the first few weeks I will help you get a better understanding of this idea. Together we will learn why it’s important and how to actually start changing the way we think, speak, and act. You will 1) begin to see areas in your life that are not lining up and 2) understand how to change them. Soon, we will have weekly challenges that encourage us to stay the course and hopefully start seeing positive results. I don’t pretend to have all the answers but we will learn together. I have been doing these things for over a year now and am really seeing surprising changes in my own life. So, if you’re ready to challenge yourself, line up your actions with your desires, and finally become that person you want to be, this is for you! I will post a new idea, question, or challenge every Monday and Friday. Please follow this blog and get involved so we can all learn from everyone’s unique experiences. I know God will bless you for trying. He will help us on our new journey and draw us closer to Him. I can’t wait to see what we become!